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Get Exceptional Installation Service of Scaffolding Supplies in London


Billa Scaffolding – A place for cheap scaffolding in London

Benefit from exceptionally safe and affordable scaffolding service in London. Billa scaffolding embarks on catering the entire London in commercial and residential scaffolding services that meet and exceed expectations.

Extensive years of experience & Professionalism sets us Apart

We have years of experience in our respective field and possess skill set of the highest caliber to undertake every task with perfection and professionalism.Having earned an exceptional customer reliance all across London,

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we are the service to trust when it comes to professional supply and installation of scaffolding structures. Our obligation is to provide you the ultimate sense of protection and value. We go above and beyond to make that happen.

Number of Scaffolding Services, We Offer

Billa scaffolding has introduced an array of exceptional services that cover you for the installation and supply of:

  • Access Bridge Scaffolds
  • System Staircases
  • Platform Gantry
  • Access Towers
  • Edge Protection and Handrails
  • Confined Spaces
  • Temporary Roof Systems
  • Chimney Access Platforms
  • internal Birdcages
  • Shoring Support Scaffolds

Relish safe and sturdy scaffolding installations for your domestic construction or refurbishment projects at Billa scaffoldings. We are the experts to satisfy all your construction site security needs.

Our ability to flex to the requirements of your project sets us apart. We customise the scaffolding structures to be installed to the specific needs of your establishment. To provide a service that meets your expectations, we dispatch a team of professionals to your service to ensure not a single detail gets unnoticed. We discuss requirements to plan the ultimate scaffolding and roofing solution for your construction project.

Ultimate Sense of protection & Roofing Solution

We want you to relish the ultimate sense of protection and peace of mind. Our experts supervise the entire scaffolding process step by step to ensure you get the service you need. No matter if you need access scaffolding or temporary roofing structures, our professionals possess the expertise to provide you the ultimate temporary roofing solution.

Need to get your establishment renovated? Want a temporary roofing structure to protect the workmen during a roof repair? Look no further. We are the ultimate scaffolding solution to protect your project against threat of vandalism and weather extremes.

Best Scaffolding Company with British and European standards

Billa scaffolding is a CITB/CISRS Registered scaffolding company. We work in compliance with British and European standards and follow their codes of practice. Our aim is to be renowned as the best scaffolding company in London. Being customer centric to the core, we strive to provide our clients a premium scaffolding service that meets the highest standards of safety and value.

No task is too big or daunting for the staff at Billa scaffolding. We offer high quality scaffolding that ensures satisfaction and a peace of mind. Our meticulously handpicked men are deft in carrying out each task with professionalism. They use standard practices with up to date equipment and techniques.

Ensure A Safe Working Environment For Workers And Passerby

Ensure a safe working environment for the workers and protect the passerby with scaffolding structures installed by the experts. Billa scaffolding embarks on undertaking commercial and residential projects that requires external scaffolding.

Get exceptionally effective range of value for money services with Billa scaffoldings. We are the experts in protecting construction project from environmental damage and weather extremes.

Provide your worker involved in the construction project the ultimate sense of protection and Help them relish:

  • A secure environment to continue construction project
  • Liberty to walk freely on a solid structural platform
  • Support to work at heights

Rely on the experts for Installation Of tough And Sturdy Scaffolding Structures. These Scaffolding Structures Are:

  • Sturdy
  • Ensure carefree and safe undertaking of tasks
  • Helps workmen to transfer heavy equipment and building material up and down the building’s exterior


For a holistic scaffolding service and Scaffolding Supplies in London, call us today at 07828294772. We will attend your queries in the best way possible.

Our Services

Design  & Planning

This phase is dedicated to designing the structure of scaffolding and planning its practical implementation in the required area. All the security risks are tackled at early processes.

Domestic scaffolding

Our quick and cost effective services are feasible for all the domestic structure, whether you are planning a remodelling of an old house or planning renovation of a new one.

Industrial scaffolding

Our competitive services make the industrial scaffolding more innovation, attractive and supportive. We make use of highest quality material to ensure the heavy material is supplied with care.

Commercial scaffolding

The scaffolding for commercial constructions is ensured with power and strength, as they are huge in sizes and structures. We don’t want anything bad to happen on your property.

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Billa Scaffolding is known for possessing expertise in the installation of scaffolding for carrying out safe and secure renovation or construction of a house. We truly understand the need to make a construction site safe for workers. During the construction activities, the residents, neighbours and passers-by, are exposed to threats. The public liability applies to each citizen that’s why any hindrance form the path shall be removed, so that they can pass through the site safely. To cover up such issues, we have a marvellous solution through the erection of the highest quality scaffolding. We are known for supplying supportive scaffolding that is instantly installed, reliable and affordable for the complete project. Due to guaranteed satisfaction, we have been enjoying referral customer for years.


In the industrial sector, we meet the dire needs of our esteemed clients and serve beyond their. We are grateful to the esteem clients, who have put in trust in our services since long. There are various processes in an industry that needs to be inspected and monitored with frequent visits, which are delayed due to the improper access to remote areas. With our high end scaffolding services, we build safe passages to areas that were once unreachable. We equip the industrialists with the high tech monitor of tanks, supply material, various chemical processes and the on-going construction activities. The use of high quality material enables us to erect strong passages for the workers, who can easily supply material and work fearlessly over an assigned task.


Billa Scaffolding has remarkably highest prestige in serving the commercial community with state of the art scaffolding supplies in London. We have specialised in the art of assembling pipes in a way that creates a supportive wall around the building, where every single worker is safe and secure. We have served hundreds of buildings that were ranging from short to tall structures. Our aim is to make every place safe for health and safety issues, a place where the workers can feel secure and work diligently for achieving the desired results. The labourers and the work force are always neglected for safety, and are not provided with a safe working environment. Hence, we have to offer services that ensure their safety in performing tasks that are filled with a lot of risk.


some time now. Billa Scaffolding has given us a good service, excellent communications and a very quick response. Most of all you can always pick up the phone and be confident that go out of their way to find a solution for you. Billa Scaffolding has been a real asset to us and I would recommend what they do to anybody.

The Billa Scaffolding completed the work within the original schedule and with a high regard for quality and you also over-came a much larger quantity of rock than was thought to exist.  The work was done with a high degree of professionalism and always with the owner and General Contractor in mind.

Why Choose Us

We Are Creative

From domestic constructions and renovations to industrial and commercial projects, our services accommodate every sector proficiently.

Honest And Dependable

Being one of the leading Scaffolding Company in London we have experience of working with known companies and clients in construction industry.

Quality Commitment

From sole landlord job to large size construction project of companies our scaffolding is part of every job indifferently.

We Are Always Improving

Some of reasons for which our services are preferred by our clients include:

  • Extensive experience in field
  • Consultancy services according to professional needs of clients
  • Online quotation free of cost
  • Cost effective scaffolding hire and erect services
  • Reliable customer servicers
  • Software integrated services
  • Emergency services

Last but not least relationship of trust and conviction we establish with our clients by catering all their requirements with professional services.

Latest News

Erection of scaffolding

July 29, 2015

After completing of design and plan phase next step is to implement scaffolding on your site. For this purpose all scaffolding material is delivered to your site and erected by our experts. We make sure that our services remain flexible so that all needs of our clients are accommodated in flexible and comprehensive way.

Dismantling services

July 29, 2015

After deploying scaffolding on site our experts inspect your site regularly. After completion our team of professionals arrives at your site for dismantling scaffolding with complete care complying with all safety standards.